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AWF School of Pro-Wrestling Courses 2016
@ AWF Wrestling Headquarters Minchinbury:
Minchinbury M Centre, Unit 49a, 40 Sterling Rd, Minchinbury, NSW
Head Trainer TNT: 20 Years Wrestling Experience

AWF School Advert:

All correspondence to the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling can be made by emailing or calling 0410 691 377

AWF hosts multiple training options for you to become involved in the world of pro-wrestling.

For new students 16 and older, the best way to join the action is to enroll in our 1 week intensive courses, which are hosted approximately every 3 months. These courses will give you the fundamentals and structure to learn the skills of pro-wrestling.

Weekly additional stand alone classes for those who have already already taken part in courses are held Tuesday and Saturday and teach fitness, technique and highspots, providing new skills, repetition and revision as re-inforceent to the Intensive Courses. These stand alone sessions will assist advancing students to grasp wrestling more competently and back up the techniques learnt in course sections.

For prospective students 12-16 years AWF is looking to hold junior fitness classes on a weekday afternoon which are a fun introduction to the fitness and co-ordination required to undertake pro-wrestling. These classes will teach fitness, discipline and wrestling techniques. Classes will not be bump intensive, and will keep in mind the growing bodies of young students. Email us at to express interest and be on class waiting list.

2016 Upcoming Courses

Beginners Wrestling Intensive Training Course
2-7 May, 2016, 2016
AWF School of Pro-Wrestling is now enrolling for next classes in 2016. Upcoming week intensive for Beginners is Mon 2 - Sat 7 May, 2016 weeknight evenings and weekend days. Cost $500.
Training will take place at AWF Wrestling Headquarters at Minchinbury, NSW.
If you pay for full course up front of Beginners, Intermediate and Competent the cost will be $1300, and can do over consecutive courses, or stagger out over a few months.
Email for application and for further details.
Courses are for 16 years plus, Males and Females. Wrestlers, Referees, Managers and Extras.
Head trainer will be TNT with guest helpers.


Wrestling fans! Looking for something real fun to do this April? Enroll in the upcoming AWF Dreamcamp!

4 Days of pro-wrestling training, culminating in a promo & match and pics that we will tape and give to you as digital files! You'll also recieve a posed AWF banner pic of yourself and pics in the ring.
An amazing experience, that all that have done in past years have said they have totally enjoyed. Fun experience at the least, and a good way to see if wrestling is for you!
Open to 12 years and above - Child to Adults Males and Females

What: AWF Dreamcamp Fun 4 Day Wrestling Experience
Trainer: TNT - 21 Years Wrestling Experience
When: 10am - 2pm daily. Tues 19 April - Friday 22 April, 2016
Where: To be held at AWF Headquarters: Minchinbury M Centre, Unit 49a, 40 Sterling Rd, Minchinbury, NSW.
Cost: $400
To Apply: Email and ask for a Dreamcamp Application
All correspondence to the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling can be made by emailing or calling 0410 691 377.

AWF Wrestling looks forward to a fun week of learning pro-wrestling for all and introducing many new people to the sport so they can live out their pro-wrestling dreams!

Weeknight Additional Classes
Open to people who have done a course section

Open Class: For students who have some experience, to seasoned pros.
Students will be grouped appropriately in classes. This class may turn into two separate classes, Students and Pros in the near future based on demand.

Junior Fitness Wrestling: Class designed for 12 - 16 year olds that will incorporate fitness, wrestling, discipline and fun. To start when enough students Express interest at

Open Class times and payment schedule for classes:

Tuesdays 7:00pm - 9:00pm - Adult Open Class - $20

Saturdays 12:00pm - 2:00pm - Adult Open Class - $20

AWF Dreamcamp for 12 and Ups - Photos & digital files include: 19-22 April- $400

2016 Full Course over 8 weeks - Weeknights 7-10pm, Mon, Tues, Thurs - 24 X 3 hour sessions plus work experience - $1500
Enroll now at

Private Sessions Available for all levels of Experience

One Off Private Session: 2 hours $100

Managers, Referees, Commentators and Ring Announcers training also available!

Email for all new students to join and fill in applications to be part of the upcoming classes. Enquiries at 0410691377.

AWF is looking forward to productive and progressive training and good fitness. Exciting times ahead!


The AWF School of Pro-Wrestling is without doubt the number one training program in Australia. Operational since 1999, the school has produced approximately 80 trained professional wrestlers.
The course will run from AWF WRestling Headquarters, Minchinbury, NSW.
The training will take place in an 18 foot square pro-wrestling ring and surrounding areas. Within these confides is where student learn the techniques required to become competent and accomplished pro-wrestlers.
The training consists of supervised sessions of pro-wrestling related exercise, theory and learning how to wrestle.

The head teacher of the AWF School is "TNT", real name Greg Bownds. Greg oversees the training schedule and organises the class structure.
Other AWF wrestlers will run classes for Greg when he is unable to attend.

Greg currently wrestles professionally as TNT, and has also wrestled as Aussie Ozbone internationally, and is one of the most talented wrestlers on the circuit today. He has 20 years of ring experience and has traveled to the USA, Japan and Mexico to hone his craft.
Greg is a 6 time Australasian Champion and AWA World Champion, and in recent times he has wrestled in Japan for Osaka Pro-Wrestling, Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling and Zero-1 Max. Throughout the years Greg has wrestled with such stars as WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, former ECW Champions Sabu, Tommy Dreamer and Raven, ROH & TNA World Champion Austin Aries, former WWF and WCW stars such as Brian Kendrick, X-Pac, Al Snow, Billy Kidman, 2 Cold Scorpio and Marty Jannetty, Japanese headliners such as Cima, Gamma, Masato Tanaka, plus independent stand outs such as TNA's Frankie Kazarian, Steve Corino, El Generico, Adam Pearce, Super Dragon and Jack Evans.
In 2009 Greg attended the WWE developmental Training Camp in Florida, USA where he was kept up to date with their training procedures and the ideas WWE management are looking for in their wrestlers.
In 2013 Greg spent 3 months in the USA wrestling independent shows and training with Ring Of Honor, and attended The Harley Race Wrestling Camp, and also a TNA Impact Gut Check session
Greg is proficient in traditional US and Lucha Libre styles and teaches a hybrid international style.

Qualified AWF instructors will take specific classes to specialise the students learning.
"TNT" Greg Bownds will teach the classes and oversee the activities of the school as a whole.
Special guest trainers and former students will also make appearances at the school to demonstrate specialty techniques, and also give expert advice to students.
Apart from teaching students hands on professional wrestling, the course also includes tuition on the psychology of pro-wrestling, the development of a strong persona / gimmick, plus fitness, nutrition, and weight training direction.
Once graduated, students put together a resume which includes taping an interview and a professional match.
At the completion of the training period, graduates receive a Certificate of Completion, and a work experience period. The work experience involves activities such as helping with the promotion of upcoming events, day of event tasks such as ring assembly and pull down, show coordination, and wrestling professional style matches.

Cost: $500: Payment in full prior to commencement of course
* Course Induction
* Your obligations
* How the Business works
* Etiquette & Conduct
* Terminology
* Introduction to weight lifting
* Cardiovascular conditioning
* Break falls
* Ring positioning
* Mat Wrestling
* Chain wrestling
* Takedowns
* Holds
* Strikes
* Basic high impact moves
* Basic high spots
* Basic match workings
* Ring assembly and dismantle
* Test

Cost: $500: Payment in full prior to commencement of course
* Working body parts- Arms, Legs, Head, Back
* Submissions
* Impact Moves
* Flying Moves
* Running Spots
* Putting it all together
* Work experience
* Test

Cost: $400: Payment in full prior to commencement of course
* Putting together a match
* Match formulas
* Singles matches
* Tag matches
* Working matches
* Gimmick matches - 3 Way, Mixed, 4 Way, Hardcore psychology etc
* High impact moves and finishers
* Timing & Pacing
* Gimmicks/Character Development
* Interviews
* Identifying strengths & weaknesses
* Polishing your package
* Putting it all together
* Wrap up questions and revision
* Resume, Film match and promo
* Work experience
* Test

The AWF School of Pro-Wrestling tuition fees are payable up front prior to the commencement of the course. Applicants for the AWF School Beginners, Intermediate & Competent Courses must be over 16 years of age and be of sound physical and mental capacity. So you think you have the desire, determination and dedication to become a pro-wrestler?
If you do, please request an AWF Application Form from one of the following and take on the challenge:
Phone: 0410 691 377
Postal: 130 Ollier Cres, Prospect, NSW, 2148, Australia

Course payments to be made by Direct Transfer to AWF Wrestling

AWF School On Sydney Weekender:


Q: How old do I have to be to Join the school?
A: Junior classes are held for 12-16 year olds.
Couses and Regular Sessions are held for 16 years and older.

Q: Is there any training for
under 16 year olds?
A: Yes, AWF now holds classes Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for 12-16 year olds, and also hosts special Dreamcamps twice per year for ages 12 and up. The camp is a fun insight into pro-wrestling where participants will tape an interview, match and photos at the completion.

Q: How long is the training period?
A: This depends on the aptitude of the student. Some students may complete on firtst effort at course, others may take longer longer. Pro-wrestling is not something that is learnt overnight. It takes a lot of time, practice and effort from everyone involved in the training process to build a skilled professional wrestler.Only on completion and pass in the previous level of training can a person advance to the next level. Ie: Students must pass the Beginners course to
advance to Intermediate, and then pass intermediate to enter Competent.

Q: Can I attend a training session to see if this is for me?
A: Yes, you can attend a session by appointment. Please call 0410691377 to make arrangements.

Q: Can I pay my Training Fee off over a period of time?
A: No, payment is up front. Currently this option is no longer available.
Due to students abusing their rights and being undisciplined with payments this feature has been disabled.

Q: Are there requirement to join the school?
A: Yes, you must fill out an application and pre-activity questionare. Before commencement of training you must return these forms accompanied by a medical certificate and payment. You will be required to be interviewed by the head trainer before commencement of training. You may be required to perform a physical evaluation test

Q: Can I join straight away?
A: Check to see when next sessions commence. Groups will run regularly based on demand.

Q: Am I covered by insurance if I am injured
whilst training?
A: All students are responsible for their own insurance whilst training and must sign a waiver before the commencement of the program stating they hold no member or associate of AWF Wrestling responsible for any injuries incurred during training or elsewhere.

Q: What if I already have some experience wrestling elsewhere?
A: You will be asked to undergo an assessment to see your level of aptitude. You will be assessed and placed into the training level at which your skills fall and be required to pay applicable fees.

Q: Do I need to be a certain weight or height?
A: To train there are certain requirements that do need to be met. Height is usually not a requirement unless your height poses problems with your bones etc. Weight can be a problem if you are anorexic or overweight to where you may experience heart and/or health problems.

Q: What can I do to prepare for the wrestling school?
A: Obtain full time or part time employment. This will make you financial and improve your people skills. Exercise regularly. Stretch. Commence a weight lifting program. Watch and read about wrestling.

Q: Is there accommodation at the school?
A: No. If you are travelling into the school and need to make arrangements we are able to help with advice on affordable places to stay, however it is the responsibility of the student to organise their own accomodation.

Q: Do you train referees and managers, and what is the cost?
A: Yes we do. The cost is $500 and training takes place under the Beginners course, with modifications.

Q: Do you do private sessions?
A: Yes, private sessions are available at $100 for 2 hours.

Q: Can a trainer come to my town and train me and my friends to be wrestlers?
A: Yes. Provided an exercise area and professional ring for training in, and all travel and accommodation is supplied. Please call for a
vailability and charges.

Q: Can I organise for the AWF hold a training camp in my town?
A: Yes. Provided an exercise area and professional ring for training in, and all travel and accommodation is supplied. The cost for a four day introduction to pro-wrestling camp is $250 per student with a minimum of 10 students. Please call to organise particulars.

Q: When I finish my training will I wrestle on AWF shows?
A: If you graduate from the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling you will
be on the level to perform at AWF live events. Providing your attitude and work ethic remains at the appropriate level you will be considered for AWF live events. Currently all students who have progressed past the advanced level of professional training through the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling have participated on AWF live events.

Q: When I finish my training will I get a full time job with AWF?

A: Unfortunately no. On graduation however, if you have the right attitude and tools you will become part of our live event team and participate as part of live AWF shows. All wrestlers are independent contractors and are booked on a per show basis once their work experience period is complete.

Q: When I finish my training will it get me a job with WWE straight away?
A: Unfortunately no. Most wrestlers who are under consideration for WWE developmental contracts have a minimum of 5 years experience in the wrestling business. Your best bet is to gain experience by wrestling and training hard and then worry about the WWE when you are a more polished performer. The training provided at the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling will give you the basis of the skills needed to compete in the world of professional wrestling. Your own work ethic, technique, look and other special qualities are what will get you a job with WWE.

Q: Do you have any advice for when I come to the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling?
A: Turn up on time. Be ready to train. Watch, listen and learn. Do not talk during instructions. Ask questions when you don't understand instructions. Make notes. Revise at home. Give 100%. Have fun.

Perth, WA
Perth, WA
Sydney, NSW