Tama Williams - Australasian Wrestling Federation
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Tama Williams
Home town:New Zealand
Style:Technical, High Impact
Trademark Moves:NZTKO, Air New Zealand Splash
Quote:"New Zealand is just better!"
Affiliation:Multicultural Society
Titles held:AWF Commonwealth Championship
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AWF Commonwealth Champion Blakestone def. Tama Williams
AWF @ Blacktown RSL - 8 Dec 2012
Tama Williams def. Dean Draven
AWF @ The Factory - 28 Oct 2012
Jack Tasman def. Tama Williams
AWF PsychoticSlam 2012 - 4 Aug 2012
Detective Magnum Holmes def. Tama Williams
AWF AussieMania 2! - 29 Jun 2012
TNT def. Concrete Davidson, Jack Tasman, Steve Ravenous, Samoan Warrior, Anubis, Dean Draven, Falco, Gladiator Apollo, Shane Saw, The Illusionist, Bee Boy, Jack McMack, Blakestone, Massive Q, Linstrom, Spaceboy Dacey, DJ Fusion, Tama Williams & Estaban Molina
AWF AussieMania 2! - 29 Jun 2012
AWF Tag Team Champions DJ Fusion & The Illusionist def. Tama Williams & Samoan Warrior
AWF Australia Vs The World - 12 May 2012
G J Fitzpatrick def. Shanesaw, Diego Del Fuego, Massive Q, Brayden Jackson, Man Mountain Grizzly, scotty Matthews, Randal, CRSM, Steve Ravenous, Spaceboy Dacey, Marko Mitra, DJ Fusion, Mick Moretti, Dan Damage, Tama Williams, Traffic, Con Robinson , Detective Magnum Holmes & Jack Tasman
AWF A Night To Remember - 17 Feb 2012
Concrete Davidson def. Tama Williams for the AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF PsychoticSlam 2011 - 27 Aug 2011
Spaceboy Dacey & El Technico def. Tama Williams & Samoan Warrior
AWF August Appreciation - 20 Aug 2011
AWF Commonwealth Champion Tama Williams def. Spaceboy Dacey
AWF July Justice - 23 Jul 2011