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AWF Back In Blacktown Fri 9 April Live Event Results

A night of non-stop action, AWF Back In Blacktown delivered fans with an excellent live event experience full of storyline twists, rivalries, and exciting in and outside the ring action! The AWF Army at Blacktown were vocal all night long with many big crowd reactions.

Major Happenings: - The show opening saw The AWF Commissioner Matt Svenson break the news to DJaysonic that he actually was not the AWF Australasian Champion, and despite winning the bout, there was a disqualification called by the referee at the Misfit Vs DJaysonic Marrickville bout from 27 March. The Misfit with Shane Saw and Abaddon in tow, interupted and snatched back the AWF Australasian Title belt, and then a bout with Shane Saw Vs DJaysonic was instigated. DJay seemingly overcame the odds and pinned Saw, however post bout Darkness In Eternity attacked DJaysonic and took him down to the mat, and then cowered over him with the AWF Australasian Title leaving DJaysonic hurt.

- After Whiskey Sixx defeated Darius Vega in an exceptional match and had his hand raised in victory by referee John Hardwood, Mad Maxx Ramirez stormed the ring and attacked Whiskey Sixx from behind with a chain. Maxx then said he challenged Sixx to a Chilean Chain match for the AWF Smackdown in Blacktown Fri 7 May next Blacktown event. Detonation Crew team mates TNT and Hell Yeah came to Whiskeys aid. Darius Vega is taken out of AWF for the next months after this loss.

- Akell The Social Influencer scored the biggest win of his career and remains undefeated in singles competition to date, scoring a major upset over The Misfit, with the big assist from DJaysonic as he whacked The Misfit with the AWF Australasian Title belt whilst the referee was occupied with Matt Static, Shane Saw and Abaddon, and it allowed for Akell to crucifix and pin The Misfit for the non Title victory. A humiliated Darkness In Eternity were enraged post bout as Akell, DJaysonic and Matt Static celebrated victory. - In the first ever AWF Tag Team Title Street Fight Match, after a wild brawl that included pans, chairs, ladders, stage dives, and interference by Mad Maxx Rameriz with a hubcap, the Detonation Crew scored the big win, as TATS argued with Enforcer Referee The Blacktown Brawler, with an eventual chair shot missing Brawler and smashing Torture, and seeing Brawler punch Trauma, creating an opening for TNT to get pile many weapons on top of Torture in ring, and then assist Hell Yeah with the Rocket Launcher top rope splash for the win. Whiskey Sixx helped keep Ramirez from interfering at the end, and The Detonation Crew celebrated post match.

AWF thanks all that attended and made for a fantastic live event atmosphere. The AWF Back In Blacktown digital event will be up on the AWF Pivotshare in the next week for purchase at Next #awfblacktown event is AWF Smackdown In Blacktown #awfsmackdown on Fri 7 May at Bowman Hall, Blacktown, NSW with Tickets on sale now at Next AWF Live Event is on Sat 24 April for AWF Momentum #awfmomentum at Mothership Studios in Marrickville, NSW with tickets selling fast at Thank you all for your support of AWF: Australia's Destination For Pro-Wrestling

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