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AWF Blue Mountains Maynia Digital Event available now at AWF Pivotshare for $15.00

AWF Blue Mountains Maynia Digital Event is now online for Purchase for $15 at AWF Pivotshare. View the event today at:

Event Details:

AWF Blue Mountains Maynia #awfmaynia

Sat 1 May, 2021

Katoomba Sports & Aquatic Centre, Katoomba, NSW, Australia

Match Card:

AWF Australasian Championship: Tobias Hemingsworth Jr Vs The Misfit (C)

Madd Maxx Ramirez Vs Matt Static

TATS Vs Aries & Blacktown Brawler

Shane Saw Vs Akell The Social Influencer

Women's Action: Nikki Poteet Vs Coby Starr

AWF Tag Team Championships: Jengis Kong and The Mauler Z Vs TNT & Hell Yeah (C)

Running Time Approx. 2 Hours

Next AWF Digital Event: AWF The Mayn Event from 22 May, 2021. The Digital event is set to release on AWF Pivotshare a week after the live event. To view this event and many more please bookmark and visit

Thank you for your support of AWF's live and digital events!

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