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AWF Legacy New Date Fri 1 October at Bowman Hall Blacktown

Today 15 July, is 22 years since AWF's first live event at Bowman Hall Blacktown, NSW! To celebrate, a new date for AWF Legacy 22 Year Anniversary Event is announced as Fri 1 October.

Tickets are on sale now at AWF Website Home page at

AWF thanks our AWF Army of Supporters for the last 22 Years and looks forward to seeing many of you again in person at live events soon!

AWF: Australia's Destination for Pro-Wrestling!

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With the great divide that forms a veritable crevasse across today society, media, of both the traditional and social variety have had their collective hands full, in trying to determine just what, or whom they should root for or be diametrically opposed to. You would think, that as the only NFL franchise which boasts a minority general manager, head coach and quarterback, the Miami Dolphins would be a shoo in for every journalist to root for. Unfortunately, the national press isn quite that simple. For one thing, the Dolphins have been mediocre to poor for most of the past twenty years. Still, as Ie steadfastly stated since first arriving here in early 2014, you be hard pressed not to…


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