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AWF Live Events for July Postponed Due to Covid in NSW

AWF Live events for July are postponed due to NSW Covid Restrictions.

All pre-purchased tickets can be used for future to be announced dates, or if you seek a refund please email info@awfwrestling with refund and ticket purchase details.

AWF looks forward to returning to live events once the landscape is more balanced.

AWF will have some new merchandise releases and a new episode of This Is AWF Wrestling Youtube show out in the break. Please support by watching recent AWF events at

Thank you for your support of the Australian Wrestling Federation!

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CBS will be sending their 1 broadcast crew to Baltimore for Titans vs. Ravens with Jim Nantz, Tony Romo and Tracy Wolfson on the call. The viewing maps aren out for this week yet, but my guess is this game will be seen in a vast majority of the country with this crew calling it. The revenge game for Baltimore will be played up to the max Julio Jones Face Mask. This is really the third time in four weeks that the Titans have had a game that will be seen by most of the country. The game against the Steelers was almost a national game and of course the Thursday night game against the Colts The Titan…

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