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AWF Pinfalls In Petersham Results

Thank You AWF Army for coming out to Pstersham Town Hall last night and supporting for AWF Pinfalls In Petersham! It was a wild night of fire walls, surprises and heated action! Results saw: Sat 26 March, 2022 Petersham Town Hall Results: Whiskey Sixx b Trauma Torture b Matt Static & D-Pak Sharma Anything Goes Interactive Circus: Akell The Social Influencer b Zuzu The Muscle Clown Arm Wrestling: TNT and Mad Maxx 1 win each and then interference by TATS Women’s 2/3 Falls: Coby Starr defeated Nikki Poteet 2 Falls to 1 AWF Tag Team Titles: Detonation Crew (Whiskey Sixx & Matt Static) b The Cartel (Torture and Trauma Services) via Disqualification when Mad Maxx Ramirez interfered. TNT entered afterwoods and the big Detonation Crew Vs Cartel showdown for control of power in AWF with the Commish and Goldsteen in each corner was further intensified. AWF thanks the great “Petersham Peeps” for their awesome spirit and support of the event, and AWF looks forward to announcing our next events in the coming fortnight. Event pics coming this week. The on demand PPV of Pinfalls in Petersham will be available at the AWF Pivotshare in a weeks time. AWF thanks it’s live event team and staff for their great efforts on the night, and congratulated David Hilder and Rauri Foster for making their refereeing debuts and doing an exceptional job. Thank you for your support of AWF: Australia’s Destination For Pro-Wrestling!

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