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AWF Pro-Wrestling Comeback in Petersham on 10 Dec 2021 Match Reveals Presented by Goldsteen

#awfgoldsteen #awfcomeback #awfpetersham #awflegacy #awfblacktown The AWF Director of Production and Pizzazz Goldsteen drops 3 more huge bouts for AWF Pro-Wrestling Comeback on 10 December, 2021 at Petersham Town Hall. Listen to what Goldsteen has to say, and gather your friends and family and book tickets today at

It's going to be a historic December for AWF, with AWF Comeback on 10 December in Petersham, NSW and AWF Legacy on 17 December in Blacktown, NSW. We hope you will join us and celebrate pro-wrestling!

Australian Wrestling Federation: Australia's Destination For Pro-Wrestling Established: 1999

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