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AWF Pro-Wrestling Legacy Live Event Results

AWF Pro-Wrestling Legacy Results Fri 10 December Petersham Town Hall, Petersham, NSW Capacity

Show start saw The Commish Matt Svenson welcome back the AWF Army and introduce Goldsteen. Both men previewed the bouts for the evening and then The Cartel of Mad Maxx Ramirez and Torture and Trauma came to the ring and as new AWF Commonwealth Champion Ramirez proclaimed it was now the Era of the Cartel. Matt Static then came to the ringside area and announced that it was going to be his night and he would take the Title from Ramirez and be a champion AWF could be proud of.

Grudge Match: The Outsider with The Mauler Z defeated Aries Via Count Out

AWF Women’s Title Tournament: Coby Starr defeated Nikki Poteet via pinfall to advance to tournament final in 2022

TNT interview saw him relinquish the AWF Tag Team Titles, and announce 2022 will likely be last year of full schedule wrestling, and that he will be watching the Maxx Ramirez Vs Matt Static bout closely and looks forward to facing the winner at AWF Legacy on Fri 17 Dec in Blacktown.

Tag Team Turmoil: “Torture & Trauma Services” Torture & Trauma defeated “Doomanation” Goran Urial Nikolov & Lucius Wolfe via pinfall

Partners Collide: Goldsteen laid out the rules that both participants need to fight with full conviction or they would be disbanded as a tag team! Akell The Social Influencer and Tobias Hemingsworth went to a double count out, and then Goldsteen said the match must restart. Then the even match contest went to a double pin. Goldsteen said he was still not satisfied! Coby Starr who has been accompanying Viral Productions was distressed, and Goldsteen got rid of Starr, and then as the in ring action seemed at deadlock, Torture and Trauma interfered and caused a disqualification. Viral Productions re bonded and fought of TATS and Coby Star rejoined and all hugged for a great moment.

Hardcore Warfare: Blacktown Beawler defeated Abaddon via pinfall in a wild fan pleasing bout!

The AWF Commissioner Matt Svenson announced the AWF Legacy Card for Friday 17 December in Blacktown feature bouts and that tickets are moving fast at

AWF Commonwealth Title: Mad Maxx Ramirez (C) defeated Matt Static via pinfall vi top rope implant DDT after distraction from TATS and Viral Productions trying to balance the scene. Post match victory celebrations saw TNT enter and address Ramirez that he is bringing it all to AWF Legacy in Blacktown for the AWF 22 Year Celebration and will be coming for the AWF Commonwealth Title!

A fantastic return AWF Live event with great audience participation and in ring action and fan appreciation and interaction.

AWF Pro-Wrestling Comeback will be available to watch on AWF Pivotshare video on demand in the coming week at

AWF’s next live event is AWF Pro-Wrestling Legacy this Friday 17 December at Bowman Hall Blacktown, NSW with limited tickets at

AWF thanks all our staff, crew and of course the AWF Army of Supporters for a great AWF Comeback event, and we can’t wait to make another fantastic and memorable night for AWF Legacy for our final event of 2021.

AWF: Australia’s Destination for Pro-Wrestling #awflegacy #awfwrestling #awfpetersham #awfarmy

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