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AWF Pro-Wrestling Legacy Results - What a 22 Year Celebration Event!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

AWF Pro-Wrestling Legacy Friday 17 December, 2021 Bowman Hall Blacktown, NSW Covid Capacity Card Results:

The OJ Fitzpatrick Cup Rise of Warriors Tournament for a future Title shot of choosing:

Bracket 1: Whiskey Sixx pinned Mauler Z

Bracket 2: Jengis Kong pinned Blacktown Brawler

Tag Team Showdown: Viral Productions - Akell The Social Influencer & Tobias Hemingsworth Jr pinned Darkness In Eternity - Abaddon & Shane Saw Vs

AWF Commonwealth Title: TNT defeated Mad Maxx Ramirez via Disqualification

AWF Gauntlet Match: Torture, Matt Static, Mauler Y, Santa Claus, Harvey Falco, Trauma. Winner: Trauma

AWF Women’s Action: Kathryn Nixon submiited Rochelle Rogue

The OJ Fitzpatrick Cup Rise of Warriors Final: Jengis Kong defeated Whiskey Sixx via Count Out

AWF Australasian Championship: DJaysonic defeated The Misfit to become New Champion!

A fantastic event with an awesome crowd that rallied behind the action and made for a fitting 22 year celebration for all that AWF has achieved. A great way to end 2021 for AWF live events, and a new AWF Australasian Champion crowned, rivalries intensified, surprises galore, and much momentum as we head into 2022.

AWF thanks all it's staff and the AWF Army of supporters for a great event.

AWF Pro-Wrestling Legacy will be available to watch at AWF Pivotshare available for purchase 25 December, 2021 at

AWF will return to Blacktown on Friday 14 January with AWF Great Aussie Rumble with a 20 person over the top rope, pins and submissions Rumble. Tickets selling now at

AWF: Australia's Destination for Pro-Wrestling

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