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AWF thanks all our Wrestlers and Live Event Team Staff for their contributions and efforts during 2023, and of course the AWF Army for their support and making the events possible.The AWF 2023 Year Awards are as follows:

AWF Wrestler of The Year: Whiskey Sixx - Participated on all 2023 events, maintained a strong win/loss record, and gave all to fans!

AWF Tag Team of The Year: The Outer Realm - Caused havoc and became AWF Tag Team Champions.

AWF Match of the Year: DJaysonic Vs “Viking” EC Brownie - An AWF Classic Title Bout.

AWF Event of the Year: AWF Day of The Wrestlers - A great day of AWF to set the stage for future AWF Blacktown wrestling events.

AWF Fued of the Year: Al Straya Vs Chris Rukker - It's raged all year and will climax in 2024!

AWF Moment of the Year: GUN & DPak Sharma defeat Viral Productions for AWF Tag Team Titles - Quite the surprise as friends collided!

AWF Fan Favourite of The Year: DPak Sharma - The True Underdog Spirit!

AWF Most Hated of The Year: Al Straya - Disliked by all while swinging a chair!

AWF Comeback of The Year: The Rush - Undefeated in 2023 and brought many supporters to AWF live events!

AWF Supporter of the Year: Courtney Caroline - Selflessly supported AWF traveling to events from afar. The true wrestling supporter and valued member of the AWF Army!

AWF is looking forward to celebrating 25 years of promoting pro-wrestling in 2024, progressing more talents, raising the profile of AWF, and making many exciting fan-friendly Australian Wrestling experiences in the year ahead. Here’s to bringing you more in 2024!

First AWF Live Event of 2024: AWF New Years Revolution 2024 - Let’s do this!

Book Tickets Today at AWF Website Homepage

Sat 13 Jan, 1:30pm Belltime, Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope. All Ages. Book Early & Be There Live! AWF Commonwealth Title Matt Static Vs Mad Maxx Ramirez, Tony Sin Vs Whiskey Sixx, TNT, The Rush, EC Brownie, The Outer Realm and more of AWF's top talents. AWF: Bringing You More in 2024!

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