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Halloween Wrestling Postponed - All Tix will Auto Transfer to Year End Extravaganza on Fri 16 Dec

Unfortunately the scheduled AWF Halloween Wrestling event in Glenwood, NSW will not run this Saturday 22 October as planned. All pre-purchased tickets will automatically transfer to our next event scheduled at Glenmore Community Hub, being Year End Extravaganza 2022 on Friday 16 December. Ticket holders have been emailed. AWF thanks all for their understanding and looks forward to making a great year end event to finish the AWF 2022 year on a high note.

As a thank you to our #awfblacktown fans who where looking forward to some AWF action this weekend, we have uploaded last months AWF Gold Class Wrestling event for viewing at the AWF Youtube. Please take a watch and catch up with the AWF talents and stories, and we hope it will be of interest in the build up to our next event. AWF urge fans to pre-purchase future tickets for our December events from the AWF Website so we can build even better events and make for a great end to 2022.

AWF appreciates your ongoing support, and we can't wait to see you all again soon! Check out the last show for free online on us! AWF Gold Class Wrestling Youtube Link:

AWF: Australia's Destination for Pro-Wrestling since 1999 #awfyearend2022 #awfhalloween #awfwrestling #awfyoutube

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