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New AWF School of Pro-Wrestling Training Classes

Attention Pro-Wrestling Enthusiasts! Learn Pro-Wrestling Classes beginning soon! Apply Today!

If you are interested in starting pro-wrestling training, Australia’s most experienced Pro-Wrestling Trainer; TNT, will be heading up a new training course for aspiring pro-wrestlers, referees, managers and extras activities talents starting soon!

Please email with your details including photo, name, weight, height and sports experience to express your interest for the upcoming training programs and arrange a meet up and assessment.

Beginners Training sessions are planned to take place Thursday Nights in Bexley, NSW, with home tasks each week and live event experience some Saturdays. Must be dedicated, physically and mentally healthy, and 17 years plus to participate in upcoming training and mentorship program.

There will also be opportunities for already trained pro-wrestlers to continue or rejoin training and polish their skills so can be sharper for future live events and activities, and if demand there will also be juniors wrestling fitness afternoon sessions for 12-17 year olds.

Please email with the subject AWF School to express interest for the upcoming Beginners Pro-Wrestling Course, Trained Pro-Wrestlers Competent and Advanced Pro-Wrestling Classes and Juniors Wrestling Fitness Class details.

Thank you for your messages and interest over recent months, please reconnect and advise your interest, and we look forward to making excellent wrestling experiences for those who are ready to commence and commit to their wrestling training and make progress and enjoy pro-wrestling.

AWF School of Pro-Wrestling: Building Australia’s Wrestling Future Since 1999

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