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Pro-Wrestling Training Classes Start Soon!

2 weeks until Pro-Wrestling Training Classes start in Chullora, NSW! Your trainer is multi time wrestling champion and world travelled and trained wrestler TNT Email or Text 0410691377 to book in and receive applications for classes. Pre-Booking is Essential! Classes Start from 11 September.

AWF School of Pro-Wrestling 9 Week Intensive Course to train you to be a pro-wrestler! 4 sessions per week! Begins on 11 Sept! Training Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat. 7-9:00 pm 16 years plus

AWF Pro-Wrestling Dreamcamp 4 Day wrestling experience will be Mon 5- Thurs 8 October. 1-5pm. 12 years plus

Personal Training Wrestling Sessions Available Mon Afternoons to Evenings and Sat Afternoons by Appointment - 12 Years Plus

Return to Wrestling Class for those with experience Wednesday & Saturday evenings 16 plus

Wrestling Fitness Class for Beginners to Experienced Mon, Thurs, Sat Evenings. Ages 12 and Up

For applications and enquires to join please email Looking forward to creating enjaoyable and progressive pro-wrestling training and experiences for all that participate. Please book early so we can be organised and not disappoint any!

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