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Support AWF in Pandemic and Purchase AWF 2021 Digital Events reduced now to $9.99 at AWF Pivotshare

The first 6 months of 2021 have bought great AWF live event atmosphere, twists, turns and many exciting contests in the 8 event cards AWF has been able to produce.

The pandemic has disabled AWF's July unfortunately, so it presents a perfect time for our AWF Army of Supporters to catch up on any events missed in the first half of 2021 at our AWF Pivitshare digital event platform, whilst helping the cause at the same time. AWF have lowered the event prices to $9.99 from $15 to make even more accessable. Purchases will help the losses from advertising for July events, and help get things back on the road soon once a more stable promoting environment is abound. AWF thanks you for it's support of our AWF Pivotshare, and our promotion, and looks forward to returning to celebrate our 22nd year soon!

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