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The Outer Realm Attack DJaysonic ahead of Great Aussie Rumble Title Bout This Sunday in Blacktown

The AWF Australasian Championship match was going down to the wire after a back and forth contest between two of AWF's top fan favourite competitors, when at the seeming climax, The Outer Realm stormed the ring and attacked both men, with Jengis Kong injuring DJaysonic and taking a taste of the AWF Australasian Championship belt.

This Sunday 31 March at Club Blacktown as part of the Great Aussie Rumble event it is DJaysonic Vs OJ Fitzpatrick Cup winner Jengis Kong for the AWF Australasian Championship and it is set to be war! Do not miss this epic match live!

Book your tickets today at and see who will walk away the AWF Australasian Champion!

Australian Wrestling Federation: Australia's Destination For Pro-Wrestling

Established: 1999

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