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Tickets On Sale Now for AWF Return To The Wrestling Live Event on Sat 27 March in Marrickville

After a turnaway sellout on Sat 20 Feb at Mothership Studios for AWF Slamdemic, tickets again will be in high demand for the follow up event, aptly entitled "AWF Return To The Wrestling". Tickets are on sale right now at the AWF Website homepage, along with our next Sydney event AWF Pro-Wrestling Reset which will take place Fri 12 March in Blacktown, NSW. AWF really appreciates all the support and the outpouring of positive response to our return to live events. We are looking forward to a great return to wrestling for 2021 after the disappointing pandemic delays of 2020. Thank you for being a valued member of the AWF Army of supporteres and we look forward to seeing you at upcoming AWF live events and having a great time together!

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