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Tuesday Night TNT - Episode 2 - 7 February, 2023 - AWF Bouts: Super Dragon Vs TNT, Al Straya Vs GUN

Episode 2 of Tuesday Night TNT is tonight 7 February - 7pm at The AWF Youtube Channel!

Be sure to join us this Tuesday at 7pm for

Scheduled bouts and content to include - Local News of the Week - TNT Vs Super Dragon - OJ Fitzpatrick Cup 2022: Al Straya Vs GUN TNT will be answering comments in the Live Chat on Tuesday during the stream 7pm-7:45pm, so join us at the AWF YouTube with any questions!

If you haven’t caught the show yet, be sure to watch Episode 1 of Tuesday Night TNT online now at

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Booom! It’s Detonation Time, and thank you for Saaaporting AWF Army!

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