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Watch AWF's First Live Event AWF Blacktown Brawl '99 at Australian Wrestling Federation Youtube

Check out the AWF Classic Wrestling Event upload at AWF Youtube!

Relive AWF's First Live Event AWF Blacktown Brawl from 1999 and take a flashback of the rich history of AWF at Bowman Hall Blacktown.

Event Details:

AWF Blacktown Brawl ‘99

Blacktown Civic Centre (Bowman Hall)

Blacktown, NSW, Australia

15 July, 1999

* Apologies for varied picture quality. Converted from VHS!*

Match Card

ZZ Hook Vs Knox

Cobra Vs Chucky

Punisher Pickford & Vulkan confrontation

Brian Cannon & Premutico Vs TNT & Flexx Power

Stephen Swann Vs Seven Foot Thunder

Punisher Pickford with Curtis A Hughes Vs Vulkan

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