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They are designed to increase the total compression of oil and gas wells, with an increase of the output pressure, enabling higher efficiencies and the production of more oil and gas. With a hydraulic fluid-drive, the gas enters the first stage of the compressor. They are usually part of the completion equipment at the top of the well. To operate a unit, the well is connected to the compressor through the circulating fluid-drive, usually located at the well head. The gas is compressed in the first or impeller stage, then flows into the low-pressure stage. This can be of the compression or boost type. The gas flows out of the low-pressure stage into the high-pressure stage. The compressor wheel has a number of holes drilled in it that act as guide vanes. The holes allow the gas to pass through and into the impeller area. The pressurized gas passes into the first stage where it is compressed. The gas then enters the low-pressure stage where it is further compressed. The flow is progressively compressed through the stages of the compressor until the desired pressure is reached. It is possible to have two stages with different capacities or a single stage with different capacities. The efficiency of the compressor depends on the actual speed of the impeller. If the impeller speed is too low, the compressor will have a lower efficiency. If the impeller speed is too high, the compressor will be subject to cavitation, a destructive phenomenon in which the cavitation bubbles formed in the impeller are compressed. As a result, the efficiency will decrease. It is typical to have a variable speed drive to control the speed of the compressor. When the drive speed is higher than the pump speed, the gas pressure will decrease. On the other hand, if the drive speed is lower than the pump speed, the gas pressure will increase. The drive and the impeller are two very important parts of the unit. They should be properly manufactured. A low-quality or worn impeller will not work properly. On the other hand, a worn or damaged drive will produce a very noisy unit. A worn impeller will increase the flow of the fluid. Depending on the type of drive, the flow will be higher, lower, or in between. When the flow is higher than the drive is capable of, the impeller will start working outside its designed range. This will cause the compressor to have a lower efficiency. There are many drives and impellers that produce different flows. It is important to select the correct one for the application.




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Api 618 Pdf Free Download algobre

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