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The AutoCAD® 2023 software package is a new release of AutoCAD, built on top of the powerful and flexible core architecture of AutoCAD® 2022.New features and improvements include:AutoCAD Connect and ECAD.The enhanced ECAD add-on delivers seamless integration with AutoCAD® 2022 for ECAD models. Simply point to AutoCAD or ECAD files and create a model, then see it annotate and add key components right in the model. (video: 1:15 min.)ECAD Solution Manager.Discover and launch model components that have been saved in a shared solution directory, such as templates, tools, and parts.Model to Model Maker.With Model to Model Maker, you can take your existing drawing, browse the shared solution directory for files, and import them into a new drawing using just a click of a button.In addition, AutoCAD 2023 supports ECAD 2.0, which is based on the ECAD 1.5 standard.Revamped Importing and Annotating:Importing and annotating has been simplified in AutoCAD 2023, with a single right-click to import or annotate any drawing, regardless of whether it is a BIM model or not.In addition, Draw Commands and Placeholder Commands, which were an optional feature in previous releases, are now supported by default. You can use them to quickly place components, text, and more.Rapidly create and make changes to your drawing with Part and Component Commands. You can start with the Active Drawing or a shared solution, and then create components, annotate, and then make changes to your drawing.There are many new commands for annotating, including:Drafting and Revise:AutoCAD 2023 provides new capabilities to support more efficient design workflows and faster communication between the designer and the modeler.Drafting, which was previously only available on 3D shapes, is now available for 2D shapes, rectangles, and lines.The draft command lets you draw your own lines and rectangles to annotate and reference your drawing. You can use it to draw reference points and simple components, such as parts, text, or arrows.Drafting can also create a new text annotation for a drawing, allowing you to annotate your drawings with text and to 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [March-2022]

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